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   DaggSound.com is a website focusing on audio stories for quiet listening.

   The site is named for a geographic feature which I happened to notice while cataloging a map of New Zealand when I worked at the KU libraries: a fjord called Dagg Sound, located on the  southwest coast of the  South Island.  I know of no family connection between the American Daggs and that New Zealand landmark (although one name associated with the exploration is William Dagg, the same as my father and brother) but it seemed like a great
tie-in for an audio website.

    I began recruiting readers for the stories and musicians to record music in 2008, with the goal of launching the first set of spoken word recordings in the summer of 2010.

    The first set of stories are Victorian ghost stories, each read by a single reader and then mixed with mood music and some sound effects.  A second round of Christmas-themed stories was brought online in November of 2011.

    The contributors are all volunteers who have donated their performances.  I sincerely thank them for their great generosity with time, talent and goodwill, and we hope that people who like storytelling performances will enjoy these pieces.

The stories are in MP3 format and play on Quicktime, RealPlayer, iTunes for certain.

August 5, 2012-- Production of additional stories--beyond the eight Victorian Ghost Stories and seven Christmas stories--is on hold until a new recording location can be found.  A change in the policy concerning the use of school facilities has made our old recording venue off limits. 

LeRoy Dagg,  updated August 5, 2012.