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Recording of the stories began in November 2009,  in the costume storage room of Topeka West High School. 

Musical selections were recorded on the stage of the Douglas P. Goheen Theater at Topeka West, as well as in the sanctuary of Second Presbyterian Church in Topeka.

Recordings for round two--Christmas stories--were also made at Washburn University's White Concert Hall and the Topeka West High School choir room.

Thanks to all persons and institutions who helped out!

   Ryan J. McCoy recording "The Kit-Bag"


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   Doug Goheen reading "The Tomb of Sarah"


   David Weyhrauch and Marilyn Mott with music for   "At Chrighton Abbey"



  LeRoy Dagg sets up the custom-made high-tech mic stand to record past and present members of Topeka Festival Singers in two hymns for the story "A Journey in Search of Christmas." (photo courtesy of Grace Morrison)