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"At Chrighton Abbey" by Mary Elizabeth Braddon  (53:02 - in 4 parts)
       Sarah Chrighton returns to her ancestral home for Christmas and faces a ghostly family curse.  Reader Melanie Ralston creates a touching portrait of Miss Sarah, whose joy at homecoming becomes a desperate battle to prevent the doom that stalks her family's young heir.

"Canon Alberic's Scrap-book" by M. R. James  (30:58 - in 3 parts)
      A Cambridge scholar is puzzled at the opportunity to buy an invaluable book for a bafflingly low price.  He promptly develops buyer's regret, and an odd sense of someone... looking over his shoulder.   Read by LeRoy Dagg.
"The Case of Vincent Pyrwhit" by Barry Pain  (7:53)
    A widower's friend is told to deliver an ominous message.  Mick Lowe brings innate affability and irony to his reading of an early "ghost in the machine" tale.  This story is a little gem, with a remarkable, unexpected ending.
"John Charrington's Wedding" by Edith Nesbit  (19:21 - in 2 parts)
    A headstrong young man lets nothing stand in the way of his intended marriage; here is a spectral story that calls for a great versatility of emotional range. It is movingly read by David Weyhrauch, the narrator who goes from best man to the chief mourner in short order.
"The Kit Bag" by Algernon Blackwood  (28:17 - in 3 parts)
      A young barrister's assistant is haunted by the memory of a murderer whom he has helped to acquit in this work of gradually building suspense, read with fine intensity by Ryan J. McCoy.
"The Open Door" by Charlotte Riddell  (56:05 - in 5 parts)
      An unemployed London clerk tries to repair his fortunes by solving a ghostly mystery. David Lundry creates the lively role of Theophilus Edlyd, who braves loneliness and danger in a remote mansion as he seeks to solve a murder and the riddle of a door that will not stay closed.
"The Tomb of Sarah" by F. G. Loring  (32:55 - in 3 parts)
       A church restorer repairing a church in western England inadvertently releases a long-undead evil on the unsuspecting countryside.  Doug Goheen lends authority and moral strength to F. G. Loring's narrator in this suspenseful tale of an English vampire. 
"The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth"  by Rhoda Broughton  (28:37 - in 2 parts)

Elizabeth DeWynt spares no effort to find a London home for the family of her friend, Cecelia Montresor.  Once the Montresors are settled, however, the servants begin to circulate rumors about the house and the reason that the rent is so low.  Cheryl Meztger and Megan Lindquist play the two friends who witness the uncanny goings-on at 32 Curzon Street, Mayfair...

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