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Victorian Ghost Stories

"At Chrighton Abbey"  by Mary Elizabeth Bradden (abridged)  (53:02)

read by Melanie Ralston 


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      Miss Sarah Chrighton returns to her family home at Chrighton Abbey after twelve years abroad. 
      She arrives and meets the proud young woman who is to marry her cousin Edward, heir to the Chrighton estate.
      Unhappy with the match, Sarah soon finds even more to concern her as she becomes aware of a mysterious curse overtaking Edward, a mystery which the family will not discuss.
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  Part 1 (12:29)  download (mp3 - 22.3MB)
  Part 2 (14:55)  download (mp3 - 27.4MB) 
  Part 3 (12:41)  download (mp3 - 23.2MB)  
  Part 4
(12:49)  download (mp3 - 23.1MB)

Reader: Melanie Ralston
Music: "Barbara Allen" (traditional) vocals
by Marilyn Mott; piano accompaniment, "Sussex Mummer's Christmas Carol" (Percy Aldridge Grainger) and "The Old Castle" (Modeste Mussorgsky) played by David Weyhrauch; other incidental music dished up electronically by the management.

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