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"The Kit Bag"  by Algernon Blackwood  (28:17)

read by Ryan J. McCoy


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      Relieved to have finished the trial of a particularly brutal murderer, a young barrister's assistant is packing for a Christmas holiday in the Alps.  As he works on into the night, he feels more and more that somehow he is not alone in his rooms.  Why can he not rid his mind of the pale face of John Turk, the acquitted defendant? Why does he hear footsteps upon the stair, but see no human being there to make them?

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  Part 1 (10:21)   download  (mp3 - 18.71 MB)
  Part 2 (9:34)     download  (mp3 - 17.01 MB)
  Part 3 (8:10)     download  (mp3 - 15.3 MB)

Reader: Ryan J. McCoy
Music: "Gnomus" (Modeste Mussorgsky),
realized electronically.

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