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"The Open Door" by Charlotte Riddell (abridged)  (56:05)

Read by David Lundry


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     Young Phil Edlyd, recently discharged from his position as clerk in an estate office, makes a desperate attempt to restore his fortunes by solving the puzzle of a haunted door that will not remain closed.  He learns that an unsolved murder took place behind that door, and that the door won't stay closed... until the murderer is revealed. 
      Should he fear most: the door, Lord Ladlow--the owner of the house, or the mysterious figure of a woman, who wanders over the house at night?

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Part 1   (9:25)  download  (mp3 - 17.3 MB)   
Part 2   (9:51)  download  (mp3 - 17.6 MB)
Part 3 (12:43)  download  (mp3 - 22.6 MB)   
Part 4 (11:43)  download  (mp3 - 20.8 MB)
Part 5 (12:13)  download  (mp3 - 21.6 MB)

Reader: David Lundry
Music: "Shepherd's Hey" (Percy Aldridge Grainger) realized electronically.

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