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"The Tomb of Sarah"  by F. G. Loring  (32:55)

read by Doug Goheen


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      A church restorer has to call upon his accumulated knowledge of legends and supernatural lore when he inadvertently looses an evil presence in western England.  A tomb with the inscription directing that it not be disturbed "until the coming of Christ" is the source of unholy terror in the countryside.
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Part 1  (8:53)     download  (mp3 - 16.5 MB)
Part 2 (11:33)    download  (mp3 - 21.31 MB)
Part 3  (12:24)   download  (mp3 - 23.12 MB)

Reader: Doug Goheen
Music: Monk's Gate (Ralph Vaughn-Williams), Tallis' Ordinal realized electronically; The Hut on Fowl's Legs, Catacombae/Cum Mortius in Lingua Mortua (Modeste Mussorgsky) played by David Weyhrauch.

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